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At Martindale Associates, Inc., we sell products that allow industrial automation and barcode data collection to take place effectively in companies. Below are the products, systems, and solutions we provide. 

 Industrial Automation:  

• Fixed Mount Barcode Readers/Scanners 

• Panel Displays 

• Wireless Network Installations 

• Analog & Digital I/O 

• HMI Software

• Industrial Controllers and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) 

• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems 

• Industrial Computers and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Display 

• SCADA Radios

• SCADA Software




Data Collection: 

• Fixed Mount Barcode Readers/Scanners 

• Handheld Computers and Industrial PDAs 

• Handheld Barcode Readers/Scanners 


• Direct Part Mark Readers 

• Radio Frequency Identification Systems 

• Wireless Network Installations 


Contact us in Haverhill, Massachusetts, for inquiries about our labor-saving, industrial automation products, systems, and solutions.